Don Khoury knows what makes people tick. An expert in non-verbal communication, he specializes in working one-on-one with companies, politicians, and business leaders to develop a variety of key skills, including non-verbal communication, body language and leadership skills. Ultimately, Don’s No. 1 goal is to emphasize the best practices in communicating.

Over the past several years, Don has worked with private clients developing non-verbal communication, team building and strategic planning, and peer leadership programs for such clients as the Bank of Nova Scotia and Royal LePage.

A successful sales professional earlier in his career, Don was named to the President’s Club at Xerox Canada. His success in sales allowed him to realize the true factor behind people’s purchase decisions- The non-verbal communication.

After 10 years of profound studies, Don Khoury found out that non-verbal communication not only determined our purchase pattern or ability to close the sale, but it also affected enormously our voting decisions. Soon after, Don developed a cutting-edge method using a secret algorithm to predict elections with 95% accuracy.

To refine how people are communicating with one another and to manage the communication, Don also created a series of presentations on non-verbal communication. He points out that non-verbal communication isn’t about control; it’s about knowing where you are in the communication and moving it to a win-win situation. Don has been invited to speak at several universities, companies, and agencies to share his expertise on non-verbal communication and his method on elections predictions. He also appeared on Television and print media locally and nationally.